Arvedi Laboratory of non-Invasive Diagnostics


The University of Pavia, the oldest university in Lombardy and one of the oldest in Europe, in 2011 celebrated 650 years since its Foundation. Today the Alma Ticinensis Universitas di Pavia, with over 25,000 registered students, 2 locations (Pavia and Cremona), 17 departments, 86 courses of study, 16 university colleges and 440 international exchange programmes proposes itself as a Research University participating in international projects, it is inserted into a network of the world’s leading colleges and promotes interdisciplinary research in dialogue with businesses.
The profitable and constant collaboration between the University of Pavia and Fondazione Arvedi-Buschini formed the basis for the birth of the Arvedi Laboratory for Non- invasive Diagnostics at the Violin Museum of Cremona. The laboratory came into being as a highly specialized centre of scientific research and diagnostics for the conservation of antique musical instruments.


In view of the planned maintenance and conservation of Artistic Heritage, the mission of the new laboratory is to study and characterize the historical musical instruments conserved in the Museum through the use and implementation of advanced non-invasive diagnostic techniques, with equipment that can be easily transported and used, which will serve to obtain information on the historical materials used by the great master violinmakers such as Antonio Stradivari or Andrea Amati.
The aim of the analyses will be to determine the state of conservation of the artifacts, map any phases of alteration that are present, characterize the materials of which they are made up, such as varnishes, and provide all the information necessary for sharing this knowledge with the violinmaking world as regards construction techniques, materials identified, studies of the dimensions and volumes of the musical instruments.
Using advanced technological instruments the laboratory will be able to provide Cremona’s violinmaking community with a series of services to support and valorize the work of violinmakers and restorers through dimensional and photographic observations and material analyses.
The staff of the Arvedi Laboratory of Cremona is composed of scientific personnel highly qualified in non-invasive diagnostics applied to works of art and in particular the study of historical and contemporary musical instruments.



Licchelli_fotoMaurizio Licchelli (Full professor, Scientific manager)


Foto-marcoMarco Malagodi (Associate professor, Technical manager)


PIER_newPiercarlo Dondi (Research fellow, Computer engineer)


Michela Albano (PhD student, Research fellow, Conservation scientist)

Giacomo Fiocco (PhD student, Research fellow, Conservation scientist)


FOTO ClaudiaClaudia Invernizzi (PhD student, Research fellow, Conservation scientist)


foto tommasoTommaso Rovetta (Research fellow, Conservation scientist)






  • Professional high-resolution photography (gigapixels images) in visible light (softbox led), chromatically calibrated;
  • Professional fluorescence photography (UV-light);
  • Endoscopy;
  • High-resolution digital Radiography with the possibility to perform measurements via software;
  • High-resolution Stereoscopic images of surface details with the possibility to perform measurements;
  • 3D Modelling  of the musical instrument or its parts with a laser scanner; processing of the polygonal mesh with the possibility to export 2D CAD profile sections and to carry out measurements;
  • Elemental analysis of inorganic phases for the characterization of wood fillers, pigments, etc. through X-Ray Fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF);
  • Molecular Vibrational analysis of organic phases for the characterization of varnishes, dyes, etc. through diffuse reflection infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR);




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