Carlo Chiesa

Carlo Chiesa was born in 1962 in Milano, where he graduated at the Violin Making School.
He makes fine violins, violas and cellos and also works to improve the sound of historical instruments, in close collaboration with first class soloists. In 2003, he was appointed Conservatore of the stringed instruments in the collection of Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. Since 1999, he has been a member of the International Society of Violin and Bow Makers (EILA). For many years he taught History of violin making at the International School for Violin Makers in Cremona.
His strong interest in the study of ancient instruments led him to research extensively information about the violin makers who made the history of Italian lutherie. In his work, he continuously draws inspiration from these great masters of the past.
He regularly holds lectures and conferences about the history of violin making and the style of Italian violin makers of the past. His presentations are held in many international meetings all over the world. His wide bibliography consists of catalogues, essays and numerous articles. Some of his most important publications are “Guarneri del Gesù” (London, 1998), “The Stradivari Legacy” (London, 1998), written together with Duane Rosengard, and the collaboration with important specialised magazines such as The Strad and Violin Society of America Journal.
In September of 2014, he had the honour to be a member of the jury at the International Competition of the Violin Society of America in Indianapolis.