STRADIVARIfestival 2013


From 14 September to 13 October, through exhibitions, concerts and meetings, the STRADIVARIfestival will develop a structured itinerary dedicated to both historic and contemporary violin making. The festival will hinge on the opening of the new Museo del Violino, as well as involving illustrious artists and promoting the great potential active every day in the city.

The coexistence of many approaches, the proximity of both renowned soloists and promising young talents, results in an organically articulated festival programme. Within it, the public can follow a continuous and coordinated story, dense with cross-references and suggestive inspirations, from the themed exhibition “Bottega Italiana”, dedicated to the formation of Italy’s violin-making schools between the end of the 17th century and first half of the 19th century, to the international workshop “Building Knowledge for Conservation”, from the concerts performed using extraordinary instruments from the MdV collections, to the many opportunities for debate and in-depth learning.