Simeone Morassi

Simeone Morassi was introduced to the world of artistic woodworking in his father’s workshop, and to the study of music. His limited production is noted for the use of especially selected woods, aged in excess of 20 years. After more than 30 years of activity as a violinmaker, his instruments are weel-know and appreciated worldwide. He entered numerous international violin making competitions winning the First Prize and Gold Medal in the following competitions: Mittenwald (1989), Poznan (1996), Esztergom (2000), Nachod (2004). In addition, he has received various special prizes such as for best varnish, best workmanship, and sound quality.
Simeone Morassi has also been invited to take part of the juries of the following competitions: Poznan, Helsinki, Luby, Queretaro, Dolný Kubín, Nachod, Sofia, Reghin,  Bulgaria, Romania,  Beijin, Paris, Malta.
He is the vice-president from 2017of EILA , International Society of Violin and Bow Makers.
He was the President of the A.L.I. Italian Professional violin-maker Association Group from 2012to 2016 and actually the vice-president
Numerous antique instruments of the classic Italian luthiery period have passed through his workshop from various places in the world, making it a destination for musicians and collectors searching for exclusive instruments. Morassi has also taken part in numerous exhibitions in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei,
Paris, Helsinki, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sidney etc. assisting and providing professional demonstrations of the craft, as well as giving lectures on the various aspects of violin making.