Application Form

Dear Maestros,

the 14th International Triennale Violin Making Competition to be held in September 2015 will be of special importance.
On the one hand, it will coincide with the Universal Exposition Milano EXPO 2015 in which Cremona aims at playing a leading role and being a pole of attraction for a great number of visitors. On the other hand, it will be the first Competition to be disputed after the opening of the Museo del Violino, a museum where the history of five hundred years of Cremonese violin making is illustrated in a direct and fascinating way. The last room of the exhibition is especially dedicated to contemporary violin making and the history of the Triennale Competition of Cremona. All the gold medal winning instruments are displayed here, in the same place as the great masterpieces of the past made by Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri, just to mention the main ones.

We believe this to be a great honour for those makers who were awarded first prize in this Competition and, at the same time, a great incentive to participate with enthusiasm in a contest which is universally known as “the Olimpics of Violin Making” for its reputation, number of entrants and the quality of selected instruments. Considering that the instruments will be acoustically tested in the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium of the Museo del Violino, a venue that is specifically intended for chamber music performances, it is all the more clear why the Cremona Competition is, more than ever before, number one in world.
Therefore, we invite you all to take part in the Competition with one or two instruments that will be selected by a jury with a high international reputation, and also to come to Cremona and enjoy the atmosphere of a rich musical and cultural program connected with violin making.
As usual, the Competition will be documented by a fine colour catalogue of the admitted instruments that will remain as a testimony to your work and achievements.
We look forward to welcoming you in our beautiful and hospitable Cremona.

 Gianluca Galimberti
Mayor of Cremona
President of Fondazione Museo del Violino

 Paolo Bodini
Executive Director for Violinmaking Affairs
President of “Friends of Stradivari”