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From 14 September to 12 October, the Museo del Violino will trace the recent history of Italian violin making with three exhibitions curated by Virginia Villa and Fausto Cacciatori. The journey starts with “Cremona, 1937”, a display of instruments donated by the Italian National Craftsmanship Federation in 1937. Along with the winning instruments from the Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Violin Making held the same year, these formed the initial nucleus of the Museo di Liuteria Moderna, the museum of modern violin making, marking a new awareness of the cultural value of this precious craft.
“Homage to Four Maestros” celebrates Francesco Bissolotti, Giancarlo Guicciardi, Gio Batta Morassi and Renato Scrollavezza and turns the spotlight on the second half of the last century: difficult years, during which Italian violin making was only able to make a fresh start thanks to the force of will of a handful of stubborn men.
The exhibition “Italian Violin Makers of the 21st Century” is dedicated to the contemporary maestros of instrument making, artisans of extraordinary creativity who preserve a skill that continues to be of economic value to Italy.  This major review reflects the eclectic vivacity of a tradition that is still very much alive today.


Curated by: Virginia Villa, Director of the Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari Cremona
Fausto Cacciatori, Curator of the Museo del Violino Collections, founder and scientific coordinator of the project

Violin-Making Exhibitions

Museo del Violino
12 September – 14 October 2014

Cremona, 1937
Birth of the Museo di Liuteria Moderna

(Room 7)

Homage to Four Maestros
Tribute to Francesco Bissolotti,
Giancarlo Guicciardi, Gio Batta
Morassi, Renato Scrollavezza
(Temporary Exhibition Pavilion)

Italian Violin Makers of the 21st Century
(Temporary Exhibition Pavilion)


Museo del Violino, Conference Hall

Saturday 27 September, 11 am
Violin Craftsmanship: Life Stories
With Francesco Bissolotti, Giancarlo Guicciardi, Gio Batta Morassi, Renato Scrollavezza

Saturday 4 October, 11 am
The Economic Value of the Violin
With Fabio Antoldi, Claudio Amighetti, Filippo Lotti

Saturday 11 October, 11 am
National Violin-Making Competitions
With Alberto Giordano