Paolo Bodini

Paolo Bodini, M.D. was borne in Cremona in 1948. He graduated cum laude from the University of Pavia in Northern Italy in 1973; previously, he spent one year in the U.S. as an exchange student.
He specialized in Gastroenterology at University of Milan and later became Chief of Department of Internal Medicine at the General Hospital of Cremona.
He has been Associated Professor of Gastroenterology in Milan for over 10 years and has international research experience in epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the European Union.
He was elected Mayor of Cremona in 1995 and served in this position for 2 terms until 2004, while still working as a physician.
During his mayorship he developed interest for the violinmaking world, realizing how important it was for the prosperity of the local community and its promotion around the world.
His engagement in Italian politics continued with his election to the Italian Senate in 2006 with the coalition called “Ulivo”, until 2008.
After this experience, while continuing his political activity at a local level, he went back to a fulltime job in the Hospital as Chief of the Internal Medicine Department. At the same time, he was appointed President of the City Board for Lutherie in Cremona, at that time called “Ente Triennale”, the promoter of the International Violinmaking Competition.
As President, he operated to change this Board into the Stradivari Foundation, involving private partners and other Institutions; since then, he hired Virginia Villa as General Director and Fausto Cacciatori as Curator, who are still holding these positions.
A year later (2009) he founded “Friends of Stradivari” organization, an international network of collectors and lovers of the Cremonese violinmaking tradition and a fundraising system for the Foundation itself.
In 2013, with the opening of Museo del Violino (MdV), of which in the previous years he had been the first promoter, the Foundation was upgraded to incorporate new functions, with the Mayor of Cremona becoming its President. Paolo Bodini retained his role as President of “Friends of Stradivari”, and in this capacity he now deals primarily with the internationalization of Cremona through the promotion of its violinmaking tradition. He also serves as CEO of the MdV.
Married since 1974 he has three children and a score of grandchildren. Since November 2016 he retired from hospital work and devotes most of its time to MdV while maintaining a limited private medical practice.