Room 3 – Immersive audio 3D


– The spread of the violin
After you have looked into the workshop and breathed in the scents of wood and resins, the first table will let you learn the names of the individual parts of the violin and bow and try to use these objects.  The film at the second table shows the various construction phases, from the raw wood to the fully finished violin.  The third table explains the function of the instrument’s eight most important component parts.

– How the violin and bow are made
Split into three sections and with 72 items to admire, this is an  exciting visual and tactile exploration of the instrument, from the choice of wood to the varnish applied to the finished instrument. It has been created with special consideration for blind or visually impaired visitors, including an introduction and captions in braille.

– Immersive Audio (temporarily closed)
What would it sound like to be sat amidst the rows of players in an orchestra or among the musicians in a quartet? A dome with 24 loudspeakers at the centre of the room projects the sound field of a musical performance, recorded using ‘3D audio’ techniques (near-field ambisonics), providing a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors, who are enveloped naturally by the sounds.