the Legacy of Nicolò Amati

The heritage of Nicolò Amati

Concerts at the Museo del Violino

Nothing is more immaterial than sound. Yet the voice of instruments made by the great Cremonese violin makers is unmistakable and exalts the talent of the most renowned performers on main stages worldwide. “The heritage of Nicolò Amati” is a unique occasion for acquiring a deeper knowledge of an extraordinary cultural heritage.
The protagonists of this musical program will be the instruments of the MdV collections which will be played by the young students of the “Walter Stauffer” Academy of High Specialisation and by the Baroque guitar player Rolf Lislevand.
From the mid 16th century and for over a hundred years, Cremonese violin making coincided with the activity of the Amatis; in the 17th century, instead, probably due to rising demand from customers, the Amati workshop run by Nicolò saw the presence of apprentices and collaborators from outside the family.
Among them, Andrea Guarneri, Nicolo’s familio, learned the craft of making instruments and started a new family tradition that lasted until the death of Guarneri del Gesù in 1744.
Before him, Antonio Stradivari and Francesco Rugeri had certainly been influenced by Nicolò’s work, although their presence in his workshop is not documented. In any case, in the second half of the 17th century Cremona could boast four violin making workshops: it was the beginning of an extraordinary period, though short, for Cremonese violin making.
Listening to instruments such as the Clisbee, the Collin, 1669, or the Quarestani, 1689, will be a chance for a deeper understanding of that brief but intense period in the history of Cremonese violin making. In those years Stradivari, starting from Nicolo’s example, experimented new models and made decorated violins as well as guitars.

sunday 9 February – 11 am
Anastasiya Petryshak
plays the ex Collin, 1669, by Nicolò Amati
collezione Eva e Arthur Lerner Lam – friends of Stradivari
Chiara Cattani, pianoforte

sunday 9 march- 11 am
Cecilia Ziano
plays the Clisbee, 1669, by Antonio Stradivari
delle Collezioni Civiche Liutarie del Comune di Cremona
Alice Baccalini, pianoforte

sunday 13 april- 11 am
Laura Marzadori
plays the Francesco Rugeri, 1675
delle Collezioni Civiche Liutarie del Comune di Cremona

saturday 10 may, 9 pm
Rolf Lislevand
plays the Sabionari guitar, 1679, by Antonio Stradivari
collezione famiglia Domenichini – friends of Stradivari

sunday 8 june- 11 am
Rebecca Raimondi
plays violin Nicolò Amati ex Collin 1669
of the friends of Stradivari collection
Alessandro Viale, pianoforte

The concert will be preceded by a short historical presentation of the instrument

in collaboration with

pianoforte Fazioli F278

Ticket: Euro 10