Lara Celeghin

Lara Celeghin was born in Germany in 1999. In 2018 she was admitted to the violin course of the Conservatory of Venice, and then moved to Cremona under the guidance of M° Laura Gorna. She won many important prizes and scholarships, the ones worth mentioning are the first prize “Finzi”, the scholarship “Ferro”, which permitted her to exhibit as a soloist with the orchestra “Solisti Veneti”, and the prize “Malanotte” – all won between 2019 and 2020. She participated in numerous masterclasses with internationally renowned violinists, such as M.° M. C. Carlini, P. Vernilov, S. Makarova, S. Pagliani and D. Bogdanović. In 2020 she was selected by the Euyo for a chamber music course, and was invited to play with them at the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara. In 2021 she was chosen to join the Chigiana Academy with M° Accardo, with whom she kept studying at the Stauffer Academy of Cremona. During the same year she graduated at the conservatory summa cum laude, with a honorary mention from the committee. Currently she’s attending the Santa Cecilia Academy with M° Rabaglia. Her most recent professional experiences include working with the Lyrical Theatre of Sassari, the Ponchielli Theatre of Cremona, the Bazzini Consort, the “Teatro Comunale of Bologna”, and the Human Rights Orchestra. She played in some of the most important theatres in Mexico, Hungary, Albania, Greece, and the United States of America.