I concerti del Conservatorio

Concerts by Conservatories’ students and ensembles

With an inquisitive and passionate approach, the MdV opens the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium to the future protagonists of the musical scene for an unusual concert program involving the best students and ensembles of Italian music conservatories as well as the young Japanese performers of the Toyota Junior Sinfonietta.
The guiding ideas of this project are its organic conception and the possibility for the audience to follow the hints of a constant in-depth research which suggests connections between different repertoires thus relating historical periods and ensembles.
The concerts present a variety of composers, works, periods and styles in an uncommon and strongly characterized selection that focuses alternatively on different periods and allow imagination to freely connect the multiple tesserae of the precious and fascinating mosaic of music so as to convey, in many ever-changing forms, its beauty and emotion.


Sunday 26 january – 11 am
I Solisti del Cantelli
Conservatorio “Guido Cantelli” Novara

Sunday 23 february – 11 am
Serenata per fiati
Conservatorio “Giuseppe Nicolini”, Piacenza

Sunday 23 march – 11 am
Sulle corde dell’arpa
Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi”, Como

Sunday 30 march – 11 am
Toyota Junior Sinfonietta
Toshiaki Hayashi conductor

Sunday 27 april – 11 am
Colori e volti del Barocco
Conservatorio “Arrigo Boito”, Parma

Sunday 25 may
Ai preat”: melodie e ricordi del canto popolare italiano
Conservatorio “Antonio Vivaldi” Alessandria

Sunday 22 june – 11 am
I colori delle percussioni
Conservatorio di Musica “Lucio Campiani”, Mantova
pianoforte Fazioli F278