Cremona, 1937


Cremona, 1937

The Birth of the Museo di Liuteria Moderna

september 14th – october 12th

In 1937, Cremona wanted to pay tribute to Antonio Stradivari during the bicentennial of his death. The International Exhibition of Antique Cremonese Violin Making was organized at the same time as the National Exhibition of Modern Violin Making, which saw 119 violin makers present over 300 instruments.

A large number of instruments, previously stored by the Luigi Cherubino Conservatory in Florence, were donated to the city by the Italian National Craftsmanship Federation. These instruments, along with the winners of the violin-making competition, formed the initial nucleus of the Museo di Liuteria Moderna, the museum of modern violin making.

In the donation documents, it was specified that the museum must be based in Cremona, and should become “the primary source of documentation for the planned school of violin making”, a role now filled by the Museo del Violino.

At the time, all signs pointed to a vigorous resurgence of violin making in Cremona and Italy, but this revival was interrupted by the war, and further development of this great tradition of craftsmanship was put on hold for several years.

Through the display of the instruments donated in 1937 that now form part of the museum’s collections and a fascinating wealth of documents, the exhibition explores an event that was fundamental to 20th-century Italian violin making from both a historical and a connoisseur’s perspective.


Instruments on Display

violino Igino Sderci Firenze 1934 viola Oreste Cavallini Arezzo 1892
violino Fernando Ferroni Firenze 1932 viola Fernando Ferroni Firenze 1927
violino Gaetano Sgarabotto Parma 1935 viola Gaetano Sgarabotto Parma 1935
violino Lapo Casini Firenze 1929 viola Giuseppe Lecchi Genova 1934
violino Luigi Galimberti Milano 1934 viola Armando Barbieri Forlì 1925
violino Biagio Caruana Roma 1934 viola d’amore Vezio Paoletti Firenze sd
violino Giuseppe del Lungo Firenze 1925 viola tenore Fernando Ferroni Firenze sd
violino Piero Parravicini Milano 1923 controviolino Valentino de Zorzi Firenze 1914
violino Gaetano Chiocchi Padova 1870 violoncello Giuseppe Ornati Milano 1928
violoncello Alfredo Contino Napoli 1932

 A cura di: Virginia Villa, Direttore Generale Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari Cremona
Fausto Cacciatori, Conservatore delle Collezioni Museo del Violino, ideatore e coordinatore scientifico del progetto