Il Concorso

ConcorsoSince 1976, in Cremona takes place the Concorso Triennale Internazionale degli Strumenti ad Arco “Antonio Stradivari”, rightly considered the Olympics of Violinmaking, The event, promoted by the Fondazione Stradivari – now Fondazione Museo del Violino – is at its 13th edition and is an important opportunity for violinmakers and musicians from all over the world.

Confirming a formula perfected in the course of the previous editions, the balance between the quality of craftsmanship and acoustic performance is weighed so as to compare and duly highlight the best of contemporary violinmaking from all over the world. The instruments that have won the gold medals, uniting acoustic excellence with high quality craftsmanship, will be purchased by the Fondazione Museo del Violino and become part of the Permanent Collection of contemporary violinmaking: a unique testimony to the most perfect works of the last forty years and a very important reflection on the meaning and cultural value of craftsmanship today.