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Reunion in Cremona – Tesori dal National Music Museum – Vermillion South Dakota

21 September 2019 - 10 October 2021

From autumn 2019, visitors to Cremona’s Museo del Violino  have a rare chance to see an array of instruments from the collection of the National Music Museum (NMM) in Vermillion, South Dakota, US. Taken mostly from the Witten-Rawlins collection, one of the most prestigious collections of instruments in America, the exhibits were all made in Cremona during the 17th and 18th centuries. The exhibition is titled ‘Reunion in Cremona’.

Among the treasures to be included in the display will be the 1700 ‘Rawlins’ guitar and 1680 ‘Cutler-Challen’ mandolin, both by Antonio Stradivari; a 1628 violin by Nicolò Amati; the Brothers Amati ‘King Henry IV’ violin of c.1595; a 1609 violin and 1613 violino piccolo, both by Girolamo Amati; a 1781 viola by Nicola Bergonzi; a Storioni half-size violin of 1793; and the ‘King Charles IV’ violin bow of c.1700, attributed to the Stradivari workshop and featured in The Strad’s April 2014 issue.

The ‘Reunion in Cremona’ exhibit will remain at the Museo del Violino to 30 June 2021.

The exhibition is taking place during a period of closure for the NMM. The museum is currently undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation and expansion programme, due for completion by 2021. Plans include an additional 4,600 sq ft of exhibition space, a gallery for temporary exhibits, a performance hall, classroom, conservation lab, photography lab and offices. A total of 16,000 sq ft will be added, comprising two floors plus an underground level. More than 4,000 instruments have been put into storage for the duration of the renovation work.


NMM 14470 Violin The King Henry IV, Antonio e Girolamo Amati, Cremona 1595c.

NMM 3395 Violin ½, Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona 1793

NMM 6045 Choral mandolino, The Cutler- Challen, Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1680

NMM 3976 Guitar, The Rawlins, Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1700

NMM 6046 Viola Nicola Bergonzi, Cremona 1793

NMM 3356 Violin Nicolò Amati, Cremona 1628

NMM 3364 Violin, Girolamo Amati, Cremona 1609

NMM 3361 Violino piccolo Girolamo Amati, Cremona 1613

NMM 4482 Archetto da violino attribuito alla bottega di Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1700c.



21 September 2019
10 October 2021