Il Concorso – Collezione permanente

sala8The Permanent Collection of Contemporary Violinmaking brings together the instruments awarded gold medals in the “Antonio Stradivari” International Triennial Competitions of Stringed instrument making, universally recognized as the Olimpics of Violin Making.
The work of the best of today’s Master Violinmakers expresses an inexhaustible search for stylistic values and technical solutions, shows the contemporary importance of the Cremonese school and the eclectic liveliness of an increasingly global art and enriches the cultural significance of violinmaking with new content and stimulus, confirming its modernity.
On the left-hand wall are the names of the famous members of the relative juries, while further along on the opposite wall is a planisphere showing the places of origin of the various participants.  At the end of the room, after the table dedicated to the winners of the competitions, wall-mounted screens recall the many professional and non-professional violinmakers operating in Italy, the central screens focusing on the professional ones.

Instruments on exhibition

I Triennale 1976
violino – Giorgio Ce’ (Italia)
viola – Piero Badalassi (Italia)
violoncello – Erminio Malagutti (Italia)

II Triennale 1979
violino – Augustin Andreas (Germania)
viola – Alexander Muradov – U.R.S.S.
violoncello – Roger Graham Hargrave (Gran Bretagna)

III Triennale 1982
violino – Sonoda Nobuhiro (Giappone/Germania)
viola – David Burgess (Stati Uniti)

IV Triennale 1985
violino – David Gusset (Stati Uniti)
viola – Nicola Lazzari (Italia)
violoncello – Primo Pistoni (Italia)

V Triennale 1988 violino – Marcello Ive (Italia)
viola – Dante Fulvio Lazzari (Italia)
violoncello – Pierangelo Balzarini (Italia)
contrabbasso – Marco Nolli (Italia)

VI Triennale 1991
violino – Luca Sbernini (Italia)
violoncello – Luca Sbernini (Italia)

VII Triennale 1994
violino – Helmut Muller (Germania)
violoncello – Alessandro Voltini (Italia)

VIII Triennale 1997
violino – Primo Pistoni (Italia)
viola – Christopher Rowe (Gran Bretagna)

IX Triennale 2000
violino – Kolja Jens Lochmann (Germania)
viola – Marcus Klimke (Germania)
violoncello – Kolja Jens Lochmann (Germania)

X Triennale 2003
violino – Jan Baptista Špidlen (Repubblica Ceca)
violoncello – Raymond Schryer (Canada)

XI Triennale 2006 violoncello
Francesco Toto (Italia)

XII Triennale 2009
violino – Marko Pennanen (Finlandia)
viola – Antoine Cauche (Francia)
violoncello – Silvio Levaggi (Italia)

XIII Triennale 2012
violino – Ulrich Hinsberger (Germania)
viola – Ulrike Dederer(Germania/Svizzera)
contrabbasso – Marco Nolli (Italia)